• <h2>Kalerm IoT Cloud</h2><div class='content'><p>Optimize your coffee business with accurate data!</p></div>

The innovative IOT digital platform is concise and easy to use. It can not only enable you to work easier, but also considerably expand the application potential of coff¬ee machines, with such functions as online payment, user management, device management, remote monitoring and control, online upgrading, and data analysis. In addition to enhancing operational efficiency to a large extent, the IOT system can also help you make accurate decisions to improve the benefits and profits of the coffee business.



• Dashboard
Data visualization, real-time operation preview

• Device Management|
Status monitor, settings modification, device control

• Data Analysis
Beverage, sales, failure and other data inquiry and visualized analysis

• Notification
Message sent to the person in charge in a timely manner

• Payment Operation
Collection account set up, overall vending service

• Material Management
An efficient material management system, which is convenient for stock in/out management

• Multimedia Management
Pictures, videos and other materials management, which can be distributed to the coff¬ee machine remotely

• User Management
Multiple roles of users and user rights management