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  • Kalerm Latin America Became A Member Of BSCA In November 2020, Kalerm Latin America officially became a member of BSCA ( Brazil Specialty Coffee Association).The Brazil Specialty Coffee Association is a non-profit member association created to elevate the standards of excellence and enhance value in the production and marketing of Brazilian coffees.Kalerm Br...Read more
  • We are 10 years old!This year marks the 10th anniversary of Kalerm! From 2010 to 2020, we have achieved a lot.2010: Company founded, office 100㎡           Mission, vision, core values confirmed2011: Lab + Office 400㎡ (2nd site)           First coffee machine sample2012: 2000㎡ (3rd site, production fac...Read more
  • Kalerm on 2020 Super September on We are coming backing again! Three of Kalerm's hot sale models will be presented to you through Alibaba's Super September on 05:00-07:00, UTC+8, Sep 23rd. Click to join us then!Read more
  • Kalerm on 2020 Industry and Home Mega Expo on Join us at 19:00, UTC+8, on Aug 21th on online trade show, and you will know why Kalerm coffee machine is a good choice for you whether for home use, office, or HORECA. Visit to enter the online trade show page.Read more