Press and Event
  • Kalerm-X series will launch soonKalerm is made up by a group of coffee lovers. We established a professional R&D team with capacity, which is constantly dedicated in the technology of fully automatic coffee machine.After 12 years hard development, Kalerm will launch a magic model machine-Model X. Multiple bean hoppers and power hoppers combinati...Read more
  • Quality and quantity, continuous improvementTheme of the activity: Enhance personal awareness, promote collaborative work, and improve product quality.Slogan: Quality and quantity, continuous improvement.Goal: To achieve product quality goals.Working standard: no defective products are accepted, no defective products are produced, and no defective produ...Read more
  • KLM1602 got BSCA CertificationAs is known to all, coffee quality is the essence of bean to cup coffee machines. Kalerm KLM1602 is the one with excellent coffee result, thus the BSCA certificate. Descriptions as below (translated from Portuguese),The extracted beverage maintained its consistency after several extractions, presenting a thick...Read more
  • Kalerm Coffee Machine to Express Gratitude for Frontline RespondersThe virus is still spreading in China nowadays, and health care workers have devote themselves to fighting the epidemic to maintain people’s health and safety. In order to show our gratitude and respect for them, Kalerm donated a batch of automatic coffee machine together with coffee beans, paper cups to medical st...Read more