Press and Event
  • Kalerm New Values ReleasedKalerm new values release conference was held on April 26th as scheduled. This is a big reform action for Kalerm to improve management and promote development, and also will be a major event in its history.Kalerm CEO Meng Wang talked at the conferenceAn excellent enterprise or organization has its own va...Read more
  • Our actions to fight COVID-19 in ChinaWith the breakout of COVID-19, Kalerm employees worked at home for about two weeks to resume our business and prepare for the reopening.On Feb 17th, most of the employees were able to work in the office. And here are the measures we take to counter COVID-19 as an ordinary company in China:a) All employees that ...Read more
  • Fully automatic coffee machine – better choice for officesIn offices, fully automatic coffee machine is much safer than semi-automatic coffee machine, or purchasing coffee in coffee shops under the influence of coronavirus. Just one simple touch, a cup of fresh ground coffee will be ready in 30 seconds.Why choose fully automatic coffee machine? Because it’s perfect ...Read more
  • Drink coffee in Le Café- World's first LV caféFood also can be fashionable.For the first time in history, LV opens its café (Le Café) and restaurant (Sugalabo V):Actually, it’s nothing new for luxury brands entering catering industry.Tiffany’s first café - Blue Box Café in Fifth Avenue, New York has been a hit.1921 GUCCI – first Full-Service ...Read more