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  • Amount of Coffee consumers rise dramatically in 2019Flavia Santoro – head of Trade, Investment and Tourism Bureau in Columbia (one of the ten world’s biggest coffee producers) said recently that China has been one of the largest coffee consumption countries according to data from National Association of coffee producers of Columbia. Chinese coffee consumption has r...Read more
  • Laba in KalermLaba is a traditional Chinese festival. Eatting Laba porridge on Laba brings harmony and good luck.Master Wang is preparing laba porridge for the staffKalerm prepares hot laba porridge which contains over 10 ingredients including lotus seed, red bean, jujube and peanut. And Master Wang packs the porridge an...Read more
  • Coffee Waste Turn into Auto Parts?Popular Mechanics revealed that Ford recently partnered with McDonald’s to convert coffee waste into car parts.Coffee chaff — the husk of the bean gets discarded during roasting. Every year in North America, millions of pounds of coffee chaff become composting, waste filler, etc.Debbie Mielewski - senior tec...Read more
  • Coffee may disappear by the year 2050According to media reports, coffee may disappear from our daily life in the next 30 years due to the rising temperature, insect diseases, and so on. Rising temperature has been the main threat to coffee plantation in these reports, and lots of British coffee farmers have given up planting coffee as the number of...Read more