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Coffee drinkers may live longer

Jul 1, 2020

Good news for coffee lovers! Drinking three or more cups of coffee a day may help people live longer. This is according to a 16-year-long study from the International Agency for Research on Cancer and Imperial College London. Researchers looked at health data on over half a million people over the age of 35 from 10 European countries. They suggest that drinking more coffee is linked to a lower risk of death, particularly from heart diseases. This study showed that people who had a daily minimum of three cups of coffee were 8-18% less likely to die from health problems than non-coffee drinkers. Researchers said coffee drinkers had better liver function and a stronger immune system.

However, drinking too much coffee can also be dangerous. The upper level of safe caffeine intake is around 400 mg. More than this increases the risk of suffering from panic attacks, heart problems, and insomnia.