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Kalerm Warehouse Management Improvement & Informationization Project Kicks off

Apr 29, 2021

Kalerm Warehouse Management Improvement & Informationization Project Kickoff Meeting

Kalerm held the warehouse management improvement & informationization project on April 14 with STD (a management consulting company with over 10 years’ experience) to build a leading lean production platform in the industry.

In ten years, Kalerm’s coffee machines have been widely used at home, in offices, hotels, restaurants, convenient stores, etc. In the future, Kalerm will need to enter the international market and build first-rate digital factory with good quality, low cost and high efficiency, and this is our strategic focus.

STD shared with us the plan for the project and introduced MOM platform. The Project fell into two parts: one is to optimize warehouse layout, and the other is to build complete distribution pattern.

Project Signing Ceremony

The launch of the project will be the milestone for Kalerm to build a digital factory.