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Something You Need to Know About Fire Prevention

Nov 19, 2021

The National Fire Prevention Day was set on November 9th, not only because the number is the same with that of national emergency number 119, but also because it is the start of the dry season when fires are most likely to happen. Dwellings, downtowns and public spaces Tare all equipped with fire extinguishers. But do you know how to use a fire extinguisher? How to evacuate quickly when fire happens? And what do you know about fire prevention?

Well, Kalerm carried out the fire drill on November 17 as always to strength the fire safety awareness.

The whole drill was divided into two parts: fire safety training and firefighting practice.

The training specialist instruct us in fire prevention, casualties and property loss minimization, fire extinguisher operation, and so.

We also operated the fire extinguisher and evacuate in the smoke “house”. As instructed, we covered noses and mouths, and kneed on the ground to evacuate orderly. And to use a fire extinguisher correctly, we need to pull the pin, aim at the base of fire, squeeze the lever, and sweep side to side to stop the fire.

Fire drill is a worthwhile exercise in raising awareness of fire safety, and we hope to make fire prevention an important part of everyone’s daily life.