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If you are craving for black coffee, A1 is your best choice.
At one touch, enjoy the high-quality espresso or americano even at home.
Accurate Grinding System
With the adjustable setting options, you can choose the appropriate grind granularity.
And the conical steel burr with precise powder control delivers uniform thickness for every grinding, so as to get the best flavor from the beans.
Robust Brewing System
The professional brewing system developed by Kalerm can reach 7 bar of extraction pressure and over 19% extraction rate.
Easy Operation
Fast access to your favorite drinks with intuitive touch buttons, including Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte, Americano, Coffee Cream and Hot Water.
Energy Saving Mode
Activate the energy-saving mode automatically to save energy use by stopping the heating process after each beverage is brewed.
Aroma Protect Sealing
Sealed bean hopper protects coffee beans and preserves the original aroma over time.