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In search of a way to enjoy top-quality, hot foamed milk-based beverages at your own home?
Looking no further than the A5, your perfect solution. Offering over 15 beverages, which makes the enjoyment of coffee coming true at home.
Accurate Grinding System
With the adjustable setting options, you can choose the appropriate grind granularity.
And the conical steel burr with precise powder control delivers uniform thickness for every grinding, so as to get the best flavor from the beans.
Robust Brewing System
The professional brewing system developed by Kalerm can reach 7 bar of extraction pressure and over 19% extraction rate.
Fresh Milk System
The optimized milk system is able to mix the right quantities of steam, milk and air, creating delicate milk foam at a desirable temperature.
Hygienic Milk Carafe
15 drinks are available, including Espresso / Coffee / Americano / Cappuccino / Latte macchiato / White milk / Hot water / Travel mug. Black Coffee / Ristretto / Long / 2x Espresso / 2x Coffee / Coffee Macchiato / Milk Froth.
Easy Operation
The intuitive 2.4" color display allows easy operation, enabling you to select your preferred coffee or create personalized coffee recipes.
Coffee Residue Free(optional)
Enjoy fresh coffees cup after cup with the residue free technology thanks to the drainage pump, which guarantees no coffee residues before or after making coffee.
Aroma Protect Sealing
Sealed bean hopper protects coffee beans and preserves the original aroma over time.
My Coffee Choice
Personalize the beverages the way you like and store into My Coffee, totally 4 user profiles. Every one in the family can have their own recipes.
Hygienic Milk Carafe
No tube design, easy to clean. All parts of milk carafe are detachable and can be cleaned by tap water or dish washer, ensuring every cup with great degree of hygiene.
Energy Saving Mode
Activate the energy-saving mode automatically to save energy use by stopping the heating process after each beverage is brewed.