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Perfect Your Coffee Skills with Kalerm Frothing Techniques
X685 discovers the art of frothing with the steam wand and elevates your beverage crafting to new levels of versatility. Whether you crave the silky smooth textures of lattes or aim for the perfection of a cappuccino, the X685 provides precise control during the steaming process. This ensures an elevated and personalized coffee experience tailored to every palate.
Dual Beans and Single Powder
The arbitrary combination of double beans, one powder and fresh milk can make more than 30 kinds of beverages fit with small, medium and large size.
Independent Steam Wand
Easy-to-clean design, ideal for manual milk heating, foaming, and versatile beverage preparation. Achieve customizable temperatures through steaming duration, delivering dense microfoam for popular drinks like lattes and cappuccinos.
Independent Hot Water Wand
One click hot water supply for easy cups rinsing, machine cleaning and tea brewing thanks to the independent hot water wand.
High-Performance Milk System
Upgraded and detachable milk foamer; 60℃- 70℃ frothing temperature; Adjustable milk volume; Automatic rinsing/cleaning system.
10.1” Android Touch Display
10.1” smart interative display helps prepare the beverages efficiently with a single touch and adjust the parameters of the beverages flexibly.
Consistent Beverage Quality
For continuous extraction espresso, achieving a TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) of up to 9 mg/L, with cup volume deviation within ±5%, and coffee temperature deviation limited to ±3°C.

Rinsing and Maintenance
Brewing and frothing systems undergo automatic rinsing each time when the machine turned on or off.
Both hoppers and milk frother are detachable, making them more convenient to clean.
Three Application Modes
Three different business modes-professional mode, self-service mode and standard mode match different operation scenarios.
Ultra-Precision Grinding System
Accurate calibration and adjustment to accommodate
different powder quantities and grind sizes.
Regulated Water Control System
Low / medium / high temperature; Ice Americano available with low temperature water; One click hot water supply for easy cups rinsing, machine cleaning and tea brewing.
Coffee Residue-Free System
Enjoy fresh coffee with the drainage pump technology, ensuring a residue-free coffee experience before and after each brew.
Kalerm Coffee Cloud
Kalerm Coffee Cloud provides customers with professional solutions to continuously optimize the user's coffee business. From equipment monitoring and recipe adjustment to equipment event recording, and optimization of operation & maintenance services, all aim at improving enterprise operation efficiency and reducing operation & maintenance costs. It also provides APP applications to assist customers in achieving operations with mobile devices.