Kalerm commercial automatic coffee machine appeared at the IFA exhibition in Germany and returned wi

2023-09-18 12:52

From September 1 to 5, 2023, one of the world's top consumer electronics exhibitions: the German Consumer Electronics Show was held in Berlin, and the high-profile domestic commercial automatic coffee machine brand Kalerm was officially unveiled.


(Kalerm at IFA Exhibition in Germany)

As the leading commercial fully automatic coffee machine brand in China, Kalerm has brought a series of innovative products, fully demonstrating its professional strength and technological innovation in the field of commercial fully automatic coffee machines. During the five-day exhibition, Kalerm brought commercial automatic coffee machine E30 and its home automatic coffee machine to participate, the booth was crowded, with its technological sense of product technology and comfortable and reliable user experience, attracted the attention of many viewers, but also won the praise of the audience!


(Kalerm commercial automatic coffee machine attracts attention)

Kalerm has always paid attention to the technical innovation and product quality of commercial automatic coffee machines, and constantly invested in research and development technology to enhance the competitiveness of products. Its self-developed professional brewing system, filling capacity up to 16g, to ensure stable extraction pressure, nearly 9000 filter holes, produce no residue, to ensure the quality of coffee. The self-developed high-precision grinding system is suitable for coffee beans of different roasting degrees. The average grinding diameter can reach 350um and the grinding efficiency can reach up to 2.5g/s. The self-developed high-performance milk system can automatically distribute hot milk, hot milk foam, and adjust the milk temperature in real time through temperature detection.


(Kalerm professional brewing system, grinding system, milk system)

As one of the earliest brands to enter the commercial automatic coffee machine market in China, Kalerm has been actively developing and introducing cutting-edge technology. Today, Kalerm has won high praise from the industry and consumers with its innovative brewing system, accurate and stable grinding system, efficient and convenient self-cleaning system, and high-tech intelligent Internet of Things system. More and more people know about the commercial automatic coffee machine, and feel the importance of product quality and user experience.


(Kalerm Commercial Automatic coffee Machine)

This time, Kalerm commercial automatic coffee machine debut 2023IFA attention, showing the world the charm and strength of China's commercial automatic coffee machine. We look forward to greater success in the future development of Kalerm and continue to bring coffee lovers an even better coffee experience with excellent products and excellent service."