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Starting the journey again, Kalerm 2023 Chengdu HOTELEX Expo came to a successful end

2023-08-24 12:38

From August 16 to August 18, 2023, thethree-day Chengdu International Hotel Supplies and Catering Expo came to asuccessful end. As the leading commercial coffee machine brand in China, Kalermbrought explosive models: E, M, X series to meet with you, attracting many newand old customers, friends and visitors to stop.


(Kalermexhibition site)

Kalerm automatic coffee machine is suitablefor commercial, business, home and other fields, and has won unanimousrecognition and praise. Over the years, Kalome has always adhered to theoriginal intention of "creating the happiness and beautiful experience ofcoffee for consumers to the greatest extent", and has continuouslycultivated in the field of automatic coffee machine, not only has maturemanufacturing level, has strong technical support, but also has perfectafter-sales service, and has established a perfect product system.


(Manycustomers come to Kalerm booth)

The Model X commercial automatic coffeemachine recently launched by Kalerm controls the coffee taste layer by layer onthe basis of improving the diversified selection, the Italian brand flat knife,accurate powder control technology, every grinding can achieve uniformthickness, stable pressure control system, and every cup of Italian coffee canmaintain high quality production. Create fine, hot froth and extraordinarycoffee drinks with one click. The superb industrial design from Germany, theintelligent 10-inch HD touch screen and color LED lighting system of the KalermModel X make it easy to navigate and use, bringing customers a new coffeeexperience.

Model X series better matches the needs of"low cost, high efficiency and experience upgrade", providescustomers with the perfect coffee machine solution, and provides customers witha good coffee experience, which is favored by many customers on the site.


(KalermX680 automatic coffee machine)

The powerful performance of the M50commercial coffee machine launched by Kalerm for the business and lightbusiness market has also attracted many customers and friends to stop andconsult. The patented brewing unit of the Kalerm M50 commercial coffee machineprovides stable pressure control for better coffee flavor. The double heatingplate can realize the production of milk foam and coffee, hot water and coffeeat the same time, which greatly improves the efficiency on the basis ofensuring the quality of coffee. The Kalerm M50 has also made a surprisingimprovement in the milk foam system, achieving an increase in the temperatureof the milk foam and milk, making the milk foam more delicate and dense, andthe milk coffee experience more wonderful.


(KalermM50LT automatic coffee machine)

During the exhibition, the Kalerm team hadface-to face exchanges with many old customers, found new market needs,explored cooperation opportunities, gained insight into the industry'scutting-edge information, and established contacts with many new customers. Asthe leader of commercial coffee machine, Kalerm has been exported to 100+countries, the pace of globalization of Kalerm is accelerating, from theChinese factory to the global sharing, each Kalerm commercial automatic coffeemachine with excellent performance interpretation of the "global wisdominto China manufacturing", I believe that in the near future, willrepresent the domestic commercial coffee machine industry to the worldattention.