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Kalerm (fifth) National Technical training exchange meeting was a complete success

2023-08-07 10:29

In 2023, the fifth phase of the NationalTechnical Training Exchange meeting was successfully held in Suzhou, JiangsuProvince from July 27 to 28. The event focused on the theme of "full coretechnology, heart service" for coffee technicians throughout the countryto carry out technical training. Nearly 300 customer representatives andtechnical personnel from all over the country gathered together to promote thedevelopment of China's automatic coffee machine industry and improve theservice technology of automatic coffee machines to carry out extensiveexchanges.


The fifth technical exchange meeting of Kalerm

Mr. Wang Meng, founder of Kalerm, gave anopening speech to express his gratitude to all the guests and colleagues whocame from far away. Mr. Wang said in his speech that Kalerm is happy toorganize everyone together to make a modest contribution to the technology andservice of China's coffee machine.


Aspeech by the King of Kalerm

On the first day of the exchange meeting,Mr. Shi, Marketing director of Kallami, first introduced and shared the new EMXseries of Kallami in the past two years. The new products continue thecharacteristics of "efficient and stable, professional extraction" ofKallami. The self-developed system realizes the continuous upgrading of productfunctions, and the product types cover the business and business scenes morewidely. Strive to allow consumers to calmly choose a highly cost-effective commercialautomatic coffee machine. Through Mr. Shi's wonderful sharing, the guests had afurther understanding and understanding of the Kalerm EMX series.

Mr. Chen Daocai, after-sale technicalservice manager of Kalerm, conducted a training on EMX series automatic coffeemachine. Starting from the structure, principle and performance of the product,he gave a detailed introduction on the structure and water circuit design ofthe coffee machine, the principle of making coffee machine drinks, the functionand performance of parts, etc. At the same time, the engineer demonstrated theinstallation, debugging and cleaning and maintenance operation of the automaticcoffee machine of Kalerm on the spot. The training course was full of drygoods, highlighted, and fit for the actual work.


Coffee machine after a long time of use,more or less will encounter some problems, the technical service engineers ofthe coffee machine may occur in the daily use of the fault prompts, explain indetail the standard treatment methods and field operation demonstration. Theafter-sale customer service shared the management system of service outlets,followed by the Internet of Things promotion engineer of the company sharingthe coffee cloud APP application, and the technical service engineer demonstratedthe operation of the work order according to the daily order delivery needs.


At the same time, the training session setup multiple rounds of questions and group discussions, under the patientguidance of the technical staff of Kalerm and the guests' careful learning andoutstanding basis, we achieved a good score of multiple people.

After two days of training and operation,the guests quickly understood and mastered the new machine, and the annualskills competition once again pushed the exchange to another climax. Thetechnical representatives of the various regions competed for the skills of theautomatic coffee machine. The competition was divided into two parts: practicaloperation and theoretical written test. The technical representatives passedthe five stages, and finally the three partners won the cash prize.


The training was successfully completed,after the professional training of Kalerm, engineers from all over the countrycan understand and skilled use of Kalerm automatic coffee machine, and passedthe exam, Kalerm issued the corresponding training certificate for eachexcellent partner. In the future, Kalerm will continue to work with industrycolleagues to build consensus in the automatic coffee machine technicalservices and contribute to promoting the development of China's automaticcoffee machine industry.