A successful conclusion, Kalerm debut2023 Shanghai HOTELEX Expo to attract the attention of the indu

2023-06-05 10:50


This is the scene of 2023 ShanghaiInternational Hotel and Catering Expo, and the Kalerm booth is crowded as inprevious years...


This is the scene of the Kalomei exchangeheld in the same period, a gathering of talents, toast, full of surprises...

That's so enthusiastic! What kind ofproducts and surprises did Kalerm bring this time? To make everyone laugh likethat? Now let's take a look at the wonderful events of the retrospectiveexhibition!

From May 29 to June 1, 2023, HOTELEXShanghai International Hotel and Catering Expo was held as scheduled at theShanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center, with a total of 50,000 +visitors visiting the Kalermx Exhibition. As the coffee sector of HOTELEX Hoteland catering exhibition, the world coffee series events and big coffee Forumhave made a wonderful appearance, bringing together the strength of the wholeindustrial chain, providing a high-quality docking platform for the supply andprocurement of the industry, and helping the continuous rise of China's coffeetrack.

In this grand traffic pool once a year, asthe representative brand of China's commercial coffee machine, Kalerm brandwith a full range of models in this event also wonderful appearance, the highquality and innovative automatic coffee machine products to the public in frontof the exhibition will attract many customers to watch, the day of the boothcrowded, lively, come to consult many well-known enterprises.


With the popularity of the new generationof coffee brands in China, along with the upgrading of consumption and theimprovement of the quality of life of the people, coffee has gradually changedfrom a "fashion drink" to a "quality and just need drink",which has further integrated into the life of consumers, and domestic consumershave begun to put forward more demands for the quality, flavor and conceptualspace experience of coffee.

At present, Kalerm has achieved commercial+ business + home full scene layout, the whole series of models cover a varietyof scenarios, self-developed multi-system to achieve the continuous upgrade ofproduct functions, so that different consumers can choose a highly cost-effectiveautomatic coffee machine according to their own needs. The household brand"Coffee freedom" series inherits the advantages of Kalerm's one-clickoperation, fully automatic intelligent cleaning, pure fresh grinding of highquality, and perfect after-sales service system, completely subverts thedefinition of home coffee machines, so that coffee machines are no longer"idle items" purchased on impulse.



During the exhibition, Coffee champion PanZhimin, who is the free spokesperson of coffee, was invited to make specialdrinks of fruit coffee on site: coconut green pineapple Cold brew, lime MintAmerican style, Raspberry iced Coconut latte, etc. Pineapple, strawberry,lemon, coconut and other fresh summer fruits, and fully automatic coffeemechanism made espresso wonderful collision, elegant fruit aroma with freshsweetness and vitality, to the taste buds to bring unexpected surprises, tomeet all kinds of business scenarios. 1000+ visitors participated in thebeverage special mixing activity, the special mixing scene of the Kalerm booth,the heat is in full swing, the clock is not stopping... The audience not onlytasted the summer fruit coffee, but also a surprise gift, and a lot of praise!


In addition, on the evening of May 30, Kalermalso held a "gathering of talents, win-win future" theme exchangemeeting, nearly 400 guests came to the site, Kalerm founder, sales director,brand manager, Internet of Things responsible person made a speech to share, atthe same time, Kalerm invited China's most widely covered convenience storechain brand Meiyijia, Focusing on the tea industry for more than 20 years, ocsoffice coffee is the new show house coffee, respectively from the"convenience store channel coffee track opportunity", "the broadprospect of China's coffee track", "first principles thinking OCSoffice coffee service" to share and exchange.


Kalerm exhibition team with many new andold customers face to face exchanges, to find new market demand, explorebusiness opportunities, insight into the industry frontier information, butalso with many new customers to establish contact.


At present, Kalerm coffee machine has beenwidely used in various fields and scenes, and has been unanimously recognizedand widely praised by the market and consumers, and has become a trustednational brand choice.


After this coffee expo, we believe thatmore and more consumers will be willing to walk into coffee, understand coffee,and really like coffee. In the future, on the road to explore the secret ofcoffee, Kalerm coffee machine will also work with many domestic coffee machinebrands to shoulder the responsibility of spreading the good coffee culture, sothat coffee culture in China is getting better and more prosperous.