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2022 Kalerm New Product launch and 12thAnniversary Customer Appreciation meeting was a complete succ

2022-11-23 12:50


November 8th

2022 Kalerm New Product Launch and 12thAnniversary Customer Appreciation meeting

It will be held in Suzhou and online asscheduled

New series of coffee machine, new brand newfield

Open a new chapter in the whole scene

Guest sign-in


Nearly 300 industry partners across thecountry

Gather together for the grand event

Three years of sharpening a sword, twelveyears of accumulation

Kalerm's new product is finally ready to beunveiled

Everyone said they were looking forward tothe event

Let's review it

Guest admission


The partners have not seen each other for along time and are very excited

The venue was buzzing.

Discuss the industry development trendtogether

Explore new product features together

Kalome founder Wang Meng speech


First of all, Mr. Wang thanked the new andold friends for coming

Then look at the development of the coffeeindustry

Then focus on the 12-year exploration ofcoffee machine by Kalerm

Introduce the company's future developmentplan

Launched full scene fresh grind automaticcoffee machine

Extraction leading domestic, service beyondthe world

It is bound to become the leader ofcommercial coffee machine in China


Kalerm R&D Director Wang Guangyi spoke


Adhere to the product to create value forcustomers

Mr. Liang introduced the iterative updateof the 12 years of products of Kalerm

Gradually change customers' attitudetowards Chinese coffee machine brands

Always to technology independent researchand development ability

Efficient product development capabilities,efficient and high-quality manufacturing capabilities

Make the best automatic coffee machine inChina

New product release



R&d manager Jiang Weifeng and Lu Deanrespectively introduced

Business models E60, M50, commercial ModelX

The most cost-effective business automaticcoffee machine

The best automatic coffee machine forChina's light business scene

The real domestic professional gradecommercial automatic coffee machine

Three series of new products help customersachieve rapid growth in performance

IoT Internet of Things and Kalerm servicesystem introduction


Chen Jianbo, head of Internet of Thingstechnology

Implemented through the Kalerm Cloudplatform

Online equipment management, operation andmaintenance work order management, self-service payment operation, etc

Face the computer screen = Face all thecoffee machines

1 $5 million, create more $5 million

Continue to update the platform servicemodel to create more value for customers


Technical Service Manager Chen Daocai

Introduce the service system of Kalermaround products, services and brands

Strong service is the guarantee of businessdevelopment

Kalerm will continue to professional, fast,intimate new service concept

Enable services for business

Guest sharing + big coffee dialogue


Li Peng, Founder &CEO of Magic BeansCoffee

Share "How to seize the opportunity ofCoffee Track in the next 3-5 years?"

Teach everyone how to look at the marketand seize opportunities

How to operate to create value


Big Coffee Dialogue: "The developmentof China's Coffee Market"

Fierce collision of ideas on the spot, talkabout the future direction of the industry

New brand launch - Coffee Freedom


Zhu Chenwei, head of Coffee Freedom Brand

Introduce the new brand of coffee LibertyHome

A fully automatic home coffee machine thatcan truly help Chinese consumers achieve coffee freedom

Launched a new product Love coffee machine


An ideal coffee machine for a new generationof young people

Fill the vacancy of Chinese home automaticcoffee machine brand in the Chinese market


And invite Mr. Pan Zhimin, champion of WBCChina Division of the World Coffee Competition

To be the face of coffee freedom

Live signing, dream set sail, continue towrite a new legend of Chinese coffee machine


Coffee free offline distributor signingceremony

Colome Chairman Dong Zhu delivered a speech


First of all, Zhu Dong expressed hissincere thanks to the customers

With deep and best wishes

Looking ahead, we are full of confidence

The development of Kalerm

From the long-term support and love of allthe guests and friends

And I want us to set sail again

To make more and greater contributions tothe development of China's coffee market

Award ceremony


Every step of Kalerm's development

It is inseparable from the trust and strongsupport of our partners

In order to express the recognition andgratitude of Kalerm to its partners

A grand award ceremony was held

We look forward to working with you tocreate a win-win situation and share a new future

Live awards announced


Live event winners announced

$200,000 grand prize, shared by six people

Congratulations again to the winners!



2022 Kalerm New Product Launch and 12thAnniversary Customer Appreciation meeting

Come to a successful conclusion


Thank you for your support and trust

I would like to thank you all for yourcontribution to the coffee industry in China together with Kalerm

Deep cultivation of ingenuity for 12 years,accumulation to win the future!

12 years adhere to independent research anddevelopment, adhere to product innovation

Accumulated, the launch of the whole sceneof fresh grinding automatic coffee machine

It is bound to make China's commercialcoffee machine bigger and stronger

Join hands with all industry partners

Embark on a new journey

Win-win new future