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Hand in hand, win-win future | Kalermcommercial coffee machine new product recommendation meeting he

2022-08-27 11:33

On August 25, Galomi held the "Hand inhand, win-win future" customer exchange and new product recommendationmeeting of commercial machine in Beijing, and launched a series of newcommercial coffee machine, professional extraction, diverse choices, unlimitedpossibilities. The Model X improves the high-end and intelligent experience ofthe commercial coffee machine market, demonstrates the leading edge of thecoffee machine field, and provides comprehensive coffee machine solutions formany commercial scenarios.


At the meeting, first of all, Wang Meng,the founder of Kalerm, thanked the arrival of new and old friends, combinedwith the development and analysis of the coffee industry, from the aspects ofproducts, enterprises and brands, explained the current situation and futuredevelopment plan of Kalerm, firmly committed to "China's leading brand ofcommercial coffee machine" faith, professional products, focus on coffee.Focus on the customer. Next, with nearly 20 years of experience in the researchand development of automatic coffee machine research and development managerWang Guanghui, introduced the current research and development achievements of Kalerm,elaborated Kalerm product development concept, through the patent quantity andquality explanation, the introduction of technological innovation results. Withingenuity to the beginning of the heart, with the beginning of the future, toshow the Kalerm R & D team, R & D capabilities and technical advantagesin the absolute leading advantage in China.


(Kalerm founder Wang Meng, R & DManager Wang Guangyi)

After three years of grinding a sword, thecomrades from the R & D department and the Marketing Department shared theR & D planning and competitiveness of the Kalerm commercial coffee machine,the development process and technical advantages of the Model X, productselling points and so on.


(New product recommendation meeting)

As we all know, in 2022, the size ofChina's coffee market increased by 41.71% year-on-year in 2021, and consumers'demand for coffee is increasing, and coffee is everywhere. How can we meet thediverse needs of the coffee scene? The introduction of the Kalerm Model Xcommercial coffee machine has provided more possibilities for the coffeeindustry.

The Kalerm Model X series commercial coffeemachine is specially designed for users in business and office scenes. Thearbitrary combination of double beans, double powder and fresh milk gives you arich choice of drinks, up to 30 kinds, and can meet the needs of small, mediumand large different cup types. 10 inch large screen friendly interface designand LED lights bring you a new experience. Three different business models -professional, self-help, standard, to match different scenarios to meet differentneeds. The combination of remote control, machine condition monitoring, dataanalysis, mobile payment, user management and other powerful functions canprovide unlimited possibilities for the optimization and improvement of variousbusiness scenarios.


(Kalerm Model X Series Commercial coffeeMachine)

"Go hand in hand and win thefuture" Model X series commercial coffee machine new productrecommendation meeting was successfully held, but also announced thatcommercial coffee machine opened a new chapter of service empowerment. This isnot only the upgrade of the product, but also the innovation of the coffeeservice model. In the future, Kalerm commercial coffee machine will continue toinnovate and develop according to market demand, and provide customers withmore "valuable" coffee services with more "efficient, stable andreliable" products, so that the entire coffee industry can see the wisdomof China.