Serving the 2022 Beijing WinterOlympics, Kalerm coffee machine proved its strength on site

2022-02-07 11:43

On the evening of Feb 4, the fourth day ofthe lunar New Year, the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games officially opened.Like the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, letthe whole China boiling again. Athletes, officials, staff and volunteers fromdifferent countries and regions around the world gathered in the Beijing-Hebeiregion to pursue the dream Winter Olympics.

(Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic GamesRestaurant)

From the bidding to the holding of thisWinter Olympics, science and technology have been running through the mainline. Compared with the 2008 Olympic Games, the scientific and technologicalcontent of this Winter Olympics should also be higher, faster and stronger likethe Olympic spirit. The first is the intelligent restaurant, the WinterOlympics restaurant is equipped with a variety of robots: atomizationdisinfection, temperature monitoring, distribution services, coffee robots,etc., coffee robots are composed of mechanical arms and commercial coffeemachines, the appearance of China's black science and technology robots, hasbecome one of the most eye-catching technology products in the Winter Olympicsrestaurant.

When it comes to coffee, starting the daywith a cup of fragrant and mellow freshly ground coffee has become a new trendof modern people's lifestyle, especially in the Winter Olympics, athletes fromvarious countries need a cup of coffee which is inseparable from daily life toease the tense atmosphere brought by the rhythm of the game. Coffee is also arestaurant catering experience that can be in line with internationalstandards.

(Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic GamesRestaurant)

This automatic coffee machine of the WinterOlympics restaurant is convenient, efficient and stable, and is a well-knowncommercial coffee machine brand in China - Kalerm. K96 commercial coffeemachine supports mobile phone scanning code payment, IC card payment, for thenormalization of the global epidemic, K96 unmanned service coffee scene, noemployee participation, no contact process, to ensure the safety and health ofcoffee production. The IoT Internet of Things system can effectively monitorthe running status of the coffee machine on the online management platform,which is full of science and technology.

In addition to the powerful function of theInternet of Things, the grinding and brewing function of the K96 commercialcoffee machine has also been perfected, whether from the coffee taste or fromthe production efficiency, both semi-automatic professional and modern sense ofscience and technology, in the Winter Olympics restaurant, to provide athleteswith a coffee-level freshly ground coffee experience.

(K96 Commercial Coffee Maker)

The application of the K96 commercialcoffee machine in the Winter Olympic Games restaurant can not only reduce therisk of epidemic transmission, but also effectively improve the efficiency ofcatering services, bring safe, delicious and efficient contact-free coffeeexperience to athletes, and promote the implementation of the "simple,safe and wonderful" competition requirements.