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Check out | Kalerm unveils Model X at2021 HOTELEX Guangzhou Show

2021-12-22 11:45

From December 16 to 18, 2021 HOTELEX 7thGuangzhou International Hotel Supplies and Catering Expo was held in Poly WorldTrade Center. It is understood that as the vane exhibition of China's hotel andcatering industry, HOTELEX Guangzhou exhibition attracted upstream anddownstream industry related suppliers from Guangzhou and even the whole countryto gather here, a total of 600+ domestic and foreign cutting-edge enterprisesto participate. As the leading commercial automatic coffee machine brand in China,Kalerm, with its annual new machine Model X, made a wonderful debut at theGuangzhou Hotel Exhibition to share with the audience the innovation andbreakthrough of Kalerm in the field of commercial coffee machines.


(Kalerm Commercial Automatic coffeeMachine)

The Guangzhou Hotel exhibition debuted theannual new machine Caffarme Model X, integration of industrial ingenuitydesign, technical upgrade again, equipped with a large 10-inch high-definitiondisplay, IoT iot function to make the operation easier, so that the data at aglance. Freshly ground coffee, fresh milk, powder, hot water and other types ofdrinks are made with one click, and the amount of drinks can be adjusted tomeet the different cup types of large/medium/small. Optimize the core functionof the internal extraction of coffee, the amount of ground powder is preciselycontrolled, the extraction pressure is stable, and you can serve a real cup ofgood coffee. In the coffee machine cleaning and maintenance, Model X supportsautomatic milk cleaning, and the core components can also be disassembled andcleaned. Model X improves the coffee experience of consumers and makes theoperation and maintenance of merchants more convenient and efficient.


(Kalerm Model X)

As a futuristic product produced under thedigital economy and life, the Internet of Things function of Model X enablesthe coffee machine to support wechat and Alipay scanning code payment, supportremote modification of coffee machine parameters, support remote control ofcoffee mechanism to make coffee, and provide customers with high-quality andsatisfactory coffee service solutions under different business scenarios.

At present, Galamei commercial automaticcoffee machine covers offices, hotels, convenience stores, milk tea shops andother commercial and commercial places, including China Life Insurance,Samsung, Siemens, Johnson & Johnson 500 enterprises, Marriott hotel, Hyatthotel, all season Hotel, Hilton and other star hotels, 7-eleven conveniencestores, Meiyijia convenience stores, 24-hour convenience stores and other chainbrand convenience stores. Yihetang and Monkey's Rescue milk Tea shop all use Kalermcommercial automatic coffee machines.

As the representative of the domesticcommercial automatic coffee machine, Kalerm commercial automatic coffee machineHOTELEX Guangzhou exhibition, showing its improvement and breakthrough in thefield of commercial coffee machine, in the future, Kalerm will continue todrive the brand power with high-end manufacturing technology, to "becomeChina's most professional coffee equipment and the best coffee productsenterprise" brand vision, continuous innovation and breakthrough. To showpeople the infinite possibilities of commercial coffee machines.