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Kalerm commercial automatic coffeemachine at HOTELEX Shanghai Hotel Exhibition

2021-04-02 11:47

From March 29 to April 1, the 4-day HOTELEXShanghai, the 30th HOTELEX Shanghai International Hotel and Catering Expo endedin Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. 3000+ brand exhibitorsand 160,000 + professional buyers from all over the country gathered togetherto share the carrier-class feast of the hotel and commercial space. As anexcellent commercial automatic coffee machine brand in China, Galami, with itsnewly developed new product Model X, made a wonderful appearance in the ShanghaiHotel Exhibition.


(Kalerm presents its new product Model Xcommercial automatic coffee machine at Shanghai Hotel Exhibition)

In recent years, the trend of freshlyground coffee continues to attack, a variety of commercial places in order tomeet the growing demand for coffee customers, have to bind the coffee machineas one of the indispensable standard equipment, like hotels, conveniencestores, offices can basically easily and quickly drink a cup of freshly groundcoffee. The commercial automatic coffee machine has become a product of the neweconomic era, realizing the characteristics of self-service, cost-effective,safety and health, efficient and convenient, and more and more appear in thevision of consumers.


So at present, what kind of coffee machinewill fully meet the needs of commercial places? At the 2021 Shanghai HotelShow, Kalerm brings a new series of Model X commercial automatic coffeemachines to the crowd.

Smart business · Enjoy mellow

Model X commercial automatic coffee machineintegration of industrial ingenuity design, technical upgrade again, equippedwith a large 10-inch high-definition display, IoT iot function to make theoperation easier, so that the data at a glance. The drink function is upgradedto unlimited drinking, freshly ground, fresh milk, powder and hot water aremade with one click, and the amount of drinks can be adjusted to meet thedifferent cup types of large/medium/small. The core components control thequality of the coffee, the amount of grinding powder is precisely controlled,the extraction pressure remains stable, and the definition of good coffee isupdated once again. While the core functions are perfect, the optimization ofcoffee machine cleaning and maintenance is not ignored, the milk road isautomatically cleaned, and the core devices can be easily disassembled. Iteasily improves the coffee experience of consumers, and makes the operation ofcommercial places convenient and efficient.

Model X makes the audience and exhibitorsshine at the same time, the star products of Galami also attract a large numberof viewers, a key to the bean to the cup, the coffee is strong and mellow, themilk is delicate and rich, and the maintenance is simple and easy. The coffeemachine with the Internet of Things function supports wechat and Alipay scancode payment, supports remote modification of coffee machine parameters,supports remote control of coffee mechanism for coffee, matches different specificationsof coffee machines according to the needs of different business scenarios, andprovides customers with satisfactory commercial automatic coffee machinesolutions.


(Kalome K Series commercial automatic coffeemachine)

Over the past 10 years, Kalerm has adheredto the customer-oriented, advanced innovative technology, stable productperformance and perfect service system, and continued to provide professionalcoffee machine solutions for various commercial and commercial places, becominga more reliable brand of commercial automatic coffee machine at home andabroad, improving consumers' coffee experience. It is committed to becoming themost professional coffee equipment and the best coffee product enterprise inChina.