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Rosen Convenience Store + Kalerm coffeemachine, freshly ground coffee for a better day

2019-09-09 13:44

Since 2010, Starto first introduced groundcoffee in Chinese convenience stores, and then Rosen, Family and otherconvenience store categories have followed suit. Nowadays, freshly groundcoffee has become an important category in the brand convenience store,according to the survey of commercial automatic coffee machine brand - Calami,convenience store coffee has more "convenient" attributes, and thestore distribution is more dense, so the convenience store freshly groundcoffee is popular.


(Kalerm Coffee Machine + Rosen ConvenienceStore)

For businesses, the store does not need tohire additional employees, only need machinery and raw material costs,convenience store coffee net profit can reach 50%, so the viability ofconvenience store coffee and development space is beyond doubt.

So what is the taste of convenience storecoffee?


(The Rosen Convenience store uses the K95coffee machine of the Kalerm Internet of Things)

First of all, in the coffee beans, thewhole family uses Guatemalan coffee beans, Guatemala and nearby countries havebecome the world's coffee producing areas because of climate reasons, thesecountries supply more than 80% of the world's coffee beans. Convenience storeslike 7-Eleven, Starto, Rosen, FamilyMart, etc., all use Arabica beans from thisarea, so there is no big difference in coffee beans. Secondly, in the choice ofcoffee machine, large convenience stores will choose commercial automatic coffeemachines due to the "fast" attribute of convenience stores. Atpresent, convenience stores such as Rosen, Meiyijia, 7-11 and so on have theuse of commercial automatic coffee machines. In South Korean convenience storechain CU, the use of commercial automatic coffee machines has also exceeded13,000 units.

The emergence of commercial automaticcoffee machines makes it possible to grind coffee in convenience stores,without special production, press the button and wait for half a minute to makecoffee. Kalerm commercial automatic coffee machine is a domestic independentbrand, with reliable product quality, leading technology research anddevelopment, and strict performance control. At present, it has a strongposition in convenience stores, hotels, tea shops, and office fields. Thechoice of more customers is the affirmation of Kalerm, bringing more praise andreputation. Kalerm's after-sales service is also one of the best in theindustry, with 100+ distribution service outlets, fast service response,perfect after-sales service system.


(Seven features of K95 Internet of Thingscoffee machine)

Kalerm, founded in Suzhou Industrial Parkin 2010, focuses on the research and development, production, sales and serviceof commercial automatic coffee machines. Kalerm coffee machine not only won theGerman Red Dot design Award recognition, but also has 146 independent patents,products covering 56 countries. The G20 Summit, the FINA World SwimmingChampionships, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit, the ShanghaiImport Expo, the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Navy and otherlarge-scale events, there are Kalerm commercial automatic coffee machinefigure. Kalerm wants to bring the aroma of coffee to everyone who is passionateabout coffee. Like every convenience store and hotel, we all hope to pass onthe happiness and beauty of coffee.