CCTV News: Kalerm automatic coffeemachine further expand the international market

2019-08-08 13:46


(CCTV news report: Kalerm is stronglysupported by finance and taxation)

On August 8, CCTV News Channel reported anews about Kalerm: Kalerm, with its good record of import and export customsclearance and tax payment and other business operations, has been supported bythe customs, government and banks to give enterprises fiscal and tax projects.This is a strong backing for the expansion of the automatic coffee machine inforeign markets.

In the news, Mr. Wang Meng, founder andgeneral manager, mentioned that as we participate in more and more exhibitionsand reach customers from more and more countries, in the future, Kalerm willexport to more countries, maybe more than 50 or even 100.


(Founder & General Manager: Wang Meng)

Kalerm, since 2013, focus on commercialautomatic coffee machine, with strong strength of the spirit of continuousinnovation, won a number of scientific and technological awards andcertifications. For Kalerm, to maximize the happiness and good experiencebrought by coffee for consumers is the driving force for Kalerm to continue tomove forward, and strive to become a professional coffee equipment andexcellent coffee products enterprise in China. Under the trust and promotion ofthe government, take this as an opportunity and motivation to do a good job ofcommercial automatic coffee machines and do a good job of service. Improve ourcompany's competitive strength in the market, on behalf of China's intelligentmanufacturing, to the world!