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French Super Cup war reignites, Kalerm to'empower' stars of both teams

2019-08-08 13:48


(2019 French Professional League - FrenchSuper Cup)

On August 3, the first official start ofthe new season of the French professional league - the French Super Cup warreignited in the Shenzhen Games Center, Paris Saint-Germain and Rennes will setoff a football carnival in Pengcheng, as the 2019 French Super Cup hotelspecific VIP coffee service, Galme for the professional players to empower, tomeet the needs of freshly ground coffee.


(Kalerm Commercial automatic coffee machineK80 "Enabled" 2019 French Super Cup)

At the hotel where the match was staying, Kalermcommercial automatic coffee machine provided VIP coffee service for the playersand related personnel. As we all know, coffee can enhance the spiritual will ofplayers, prolong the endurance of players, thereby improving the athleticperformance of players, coffee drinks are indispensable for major events. Thereception of professional football players from Europe, as the domesticcommercial automatic coffee machine representative brand, Kalerm for the playersfrom far away to bring mellow freshly ground coffee, in the taste and sense ofuse, for the players to create coffee to bring happiness and good experience.


(Kalerm commercial automatic coffee machineK1602 appeared at Volvo Open)

Kalerm Commercial fully automatic coffeemachines have provided freshly ground coffee services at major events such asthe Volvo China Open, FINA World Swimming Championships and more. As therepresentative brand of commercial automatic coffee machine, Kalerm usesadvanced and mature core technology to serve hotels, chain hotels, conveniencestores, tea shops, events and other occasions, showing its positive andinnovative focus, blooming Kalerm brand charm!