Kalerm iot coffee machine K95 was unveiledat the 2019 Shanghai Hotel Supplies Exhibition

2019-04-03 13:59

On April 1, 2019, Shanghai InternationalHotel Supplies Exhibition was held. At this annual event with the strongestinfluence and highest level in the hotel and catering industry worldwide, Kalermattended as the leader in the automatic coffee machine industry.


In the four days of the international hotelsupplies exhibition, the K95 Internet of Things coffee machine attracted a lotof visitors to stop and watch, in the many coffee machine brands on the scene,why the K95 Internet of Things coffee machine can stand out and become thehighlight of the entire exhibition, let me reveal for you why this machine canmake the audience like the answer.


K95 product features:

√ Internet of Things function, moreintelligent

√ Scan code payment, more convenient(wechat, Alipay)

√ Two heating systems and two water pumps,"dual core" faster and more stable

√7 inch color touch screen

√1Kg soybean tank, more worry

√6L large water tank, more worry

√22 drinks, one-stop to meet all needs

√ Automatic water intake device, can bedirectly connected to purify filtered water

√ Integrated waste collection base, moreworry

√ Professional cafe American coffeeproduction, more mellow flavor


In today's ever-changing science andtechnology, as the leading fully automatic coffee machine research anddevelopment, production, sales and service in one enterprise, has always walkedin the forefront of technology. According to statistics, Kalerm has beenawarded 146 patents and in 2013 won the German Red Dot Award and the ChineseRed Star Award, one of the world's leading design awards.

Today, Kalerm products are used in everyscene of our lives, hotels, convenience stores and offices, etc., and I believethat in the near future, Kalerm products will serve more areas and more people.