Kalerm presents at the Seoul InternationalCoffee Exhibition in South Korea

2018-11-13 14:03


(Seoul International Coffee Exhibition2018)

Coffee Expo Seoul is Korea's top coffeeindustry and equipment show and the only one co-organized by the Korea CoffeeAssociation. As an excellent platform for the industry, the Seoul Coffee Showbrings together quality coffee and coffee-related products from all over theworld, as well as major players in the Korean coffee industry. (from thenetwork) Kalerm coffee machine recently appeared in Seoul International CoffeeExhibition in South Korea, the site with its fast and convenient, functionaland other functions, by the site participants widely favored.


(Kalome Coffee Machine at Seoul CoffeeShow, South Korea)

In 2017, the size of South Korea's coffeemarket exceeded 10 trillion won (about 58.7 billion yuan) for the first time,which is equivalent to all South Koreans drinking 26.5 billion cups of coffee ayear, and the average person drinking 512 cups of coffee.

Sales exceeded 1 trillion won in 2016 andoperating profit exceeded 100 billion won last year. However, the structure ofthe Korean coffee market has gradually approached that of developed countries,and more and more coffee shops set on-site roasting coffee beans in stores areadapting to consumer tastes, showing a trend of quality and diversification.Industry insiders predict that the Korean coffee market still has great growthpotential.


(K80 coffee maker at CU Convenience Storein Korea)

For Kalerm, which is sold to 45 countriesat home and abroad, many chain convenience stores/cafes and other commercialplaces in South Korea also have Kalerm automatic coffee machines. Kalermautomatic coffee machine has the advantages of one-click coffee, multi-functionintelligent cleaning, multi-language selection, etc. It has become thepreferred choice for convenience stores, cafes and other commercial places, andoccupies a place in the automatic coffee machine market with high costperformance.

Kalerm will continue to be committed tobecoming the most professional coffee equipment and the best coffee productenterprise in China, focusing on the fresh grind automatic coffee machine, sothat more users around the world can drink a cup of good coffee. Automaticcoffee machine, choose the Kalerm.