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Kalerm K series automatic coffee machine unveiled at Dubai Hotel Supplies Show

2018-09-28 14:05


(Dubai Hotel Supplies Show)

The 2018 Dubai Hotel Show has successfullygone through 18 sessions, the exhibition covers the hotel industry, throughoutthe "one-stop shopping" concept, to meet all the purchasing needs ofbuyers across the region. As China's fully automatic coffee machine brand, Kalermwas invited to participate in the exhibition, during the three-day exhibition, Kalermexhibition hall was crowded, with industry insiders and technical experts fromrelated industries, engineering experts on-site exchange and share, from allover the coffee equipment people's attention and recognition.


(Kalerm Automatic coffee machine at DubaiHotel Supplies Exhibition)

The fully automatic coffee machines ondisplay include the 1 series of fully automatic coffee machines for businessuse and the K series of fully automatic coffee machines for business use. KalermK Series "Fast Dual core" automatic coffee machine, innovative use ofdual heating system and dual pump system composed of "dual core",making each cup of coffee faster and more efficient.

For nearly 10 years, Kalerm has beenfocusing on freshly ground automatic coffee machines, and has always beencommitted to creating a happy and beautiful experience for consumers, providingreliable, stable and innovative technologies and products for domestic andforeign hotels, offices, convenience stores, roasters and other commercial andcommercial places. Kalerm fully demonstrated the brand image of China'sautomatic coffee machine with this exhibition, helping domestic and foreignenterprises to win-win!