Hotel supplies Expo, Kalerm automaticcoffee machine exhibition professional strength

2018-03-30 14:12

On March 26, 2018·HOTELEX finally opened inShanghai. Focus on the freshly ground automatic coffee machine of Kalerm"battleship", still appeared in the international representativehotel supplies catering industry expo, Kalerm booth area doubled compared tolast year, the exhibition of automatic coffee machine models are relativelymore suitable for commercial places, the exhibition is packed, following thefootsteps of reporters, Take a look at the exhibition site of the professionalautomatic coffee machine brand - Kalerm.


(Kalerm - Focus on freshly ground automaticcoffee machine)

Make the product, a good cup of coffee

Those who are familiar with Kalerm knowthat since its establishment, Kalerm has been focusing on the business offreshly ground automatic coffee machine, integrating research and development,production, sales and service. In order to maximize the happiness and beauty ofcoffee for consumers, Kalerm is very careful and detailed about every detail ofthe product, and every change will be repeatedly tested and verified for morethan half a year.

In addition to the K series of automaticcoffee machines, there are automatic coffee machines with Internet mobilepayment. You may have seen these products in other venues, but this exhibitionis a systematic presentation. The booth is divided into four areas according tothe different places where the coffee machine is used, from business-stylehotel lobbies and offices to commercial roasters and convenience stores.


(Hotel Coffee Machine - Kalerm)

First, hotel coffee machine system

For a service-oriented hotel, theavailability of freshly ground coffee in the lobby or cafeteria is undoubtedlyan important measure to improve the quality of the hotel. In order to avoid thetedious operation and maintenance guidance, the full automatic coffee machinefrom Kalerm brings the Gospel:

1, one-button operation: Choose the taste,one button, you can quietly wait for a cup of fresh ground coffee, guests willno longer because of the cumbersome operation and trouble to drink coffee.

2, Chinese display: The display is veryintuitive to tell the user, the coffee machine is doing what operation,"coffee machine is ready", "please enjoy", "waterstorage tray is full", "water tank water shortage"... Clear andclear.


(Bakery Coffee Maker - Kalerm)

Two, the bakery coffee machine system

Coffee + dessert is the standard forleisure time, the coffee machine in the bakery, in addition to the professionaloperation of the semi-automatic coffee machine, the automatic coffee machinebrings convenience and cafe level taste.

1, convenient operation: When it comes tooperation, the simplicity of the automatic coffee machine is undoubtedly,one-click operation, the coffee making process, but also the amount of grindingbeans and the amount of coffee adjustment.

2, cafe level taste: Maybe you willquestion the production of automatic coffee machine will be less thansemi-automatic coffee machine, NO! The full automatic coffee machine's espressoproduction can be called the industry leader, thick grease and semi-automaticcoffee machine equal. Whether it is American coffee or fancy coffee, it can beperfectly mellow.


(Convenience Store Coffee Maker - Calami)

Third, convenience store coffee machinesystem

Since the star father's creation, coffeehas become more and more indispensable to modern people a big drink, officeworkers demand for coffee is also increasing, saving the queuing time, thewhole family, 711 and other well-known convenience store brands have soldfreshly ground coffee. It seems that convenience stores have higherrequirements for automatic coffee machines:

1, coffee production faster: Kalermautomatic coffee machine with commercial grade infuser: Infuser - the corecomponent of the coffee machine, equivalent to the car engine, the heart of thehuman. A cup of freshly ground coffee is finished at the time of checkout, andcustomers no longer have to wait too long for freshly ground coffee to affecttheir trip.

2, the coffee taste is more professional:the automatic coffee machine is imported bean grinding knife, according to thecoffee beans and coffee varieties choose the fineness of grinding; The typicalcoffee machine has a pressure of only 15 pa, but the pump has 19 pa, and thecoffee produced is comparable to the professional coffee shop.


(Office Coffee Maker - Calami)

Four, office coffee machine system

The office provides freshly ground coffee,which can be described as the best of both worlds: for employees, a cup offreshly ground coffee in the morning, full of energy, and a cup of freshlyground coffee in the afternoon, refreshed; For the company, when customersvisit, they serve a cup of freshly ground coffee, the corporate image is"oil but rising", and the transaction rate of orders is also greatlyimproved. The automatic coffee machine in the office should meet the followingrequirements:

1, easy to operate, mellow taste: One-clickoperation is a significant feature of automatic coffee machine, employees drinka cup of mellow freshly ground coffee without complex operation, but also donot have to queue downstairs to buy coffee, coffee taste is beyond doubt, theG20 summit used in the coffee machine brand, you also use the quality ofcoffee?

2, intelligent maintenance tips, automaticcleaning: some office coffee machine lack of special maintenance andmaintenance, coffee machine in the use of maintenance reminders or so-called"fault" reminder, will make employees at a loss. Therefore, for themaintenance operation of the coffee machine, it will be simple and clear. Inaddition to automatic cleaning when the machine is switched on and off, thecoffee machine will also prompt maintenance operations when hundreds of cupsare used, and the user only needs to follow the prompts on the screen tooperate, basically realizing intelligent automatic maintenance.


(Automatic coffee machine with mobilepayment - Calami)

This exhibition can scan code payment ofthe automatic coffee machine, users only need to open the mobile phone Alipayor wechat, a swipe can be paid, simple and convenient, favored by youngconsumers. At the same time, the powerful data background can remotely controland monitor the coffee machine, thus making the coffee machine moreintelligent, expanding the application scene of the coffee machine, breakingthe border through the affordable coffee machine and the Internet coffeemachine, so that more consumers can easily drink a cup of high-quality freshlyground coffee.

In the next automatic coffee machinebusiness, Kalerm will continue to improve and innovate, and strive to becomethe most professional coffee equipment and the best coffee products enterprisein China.

The successful holding of this exhibitionwill promote the rapid development of China's hotel supplies industry. As theleading automatic coffee machine brand in China, Kalerm not only has more than100 independent patents, but also has accumulated rich experience in theprocess of serving users in 45 countries. Based on this, Kalerm automaticcoffee machine is actively cooperating with domestic and foreign brand hotelchains to provide technical guidance and service support for the development ofthe industry, helping to open a new era of the hotel industry.