Kalerm commercial automatic coffee machinenew product debut in Milan exhibition

2017-10-31 14:24

On October 20, 2017, the Italian MilanInternational Hotel Supplies Exhibition (HOST) opened in Milan. At the booth ofthe new product promotion of the commercial automatic coffee machine held atthe HOST exhibition, the company not only exhibited the commercial automaticcoffee machine represented by 1601pro and 1602pro, but also launched the new Kseries commercial automatic coffee machine, which will continue to export tomore than 37 countries represented by the European region. Following the ChangshaFood Expo held by the Ministry of Commerce last month, Kalerm K series as theprize sponsor of the professional barista competition, Kalerm brought thecommercial automatic coffee machine K series exhibition, marking thecomprehensive layout of the commercial strategy at home and abroad.


(2017 Milan International Hotel SuppliesExhibition, Italy)

Milan HOST exhibition has been successfullyheld 39 times, is Italy's most influential catering and hotel professionalexhibition, one of the largest hotel equipment supplies exhibition in Europe.There are buyers from the traditional markets of France, Germany and theMediterranean region, as well as from emerging economies such as the MiddleEast, Russia, India and Vietnam. HOST exhibition provides the best tradenegotiation platform for manufacturers and visitors from all over the world.(Excerpt from network)

As a professional fully automatic coffeemachine brand, with the theme of "more commercial and morecommercial", Kalerm exhibited a new machine K series commercial fullyautomatic coffee machine, more professional and more commercial productadvantages triggered customers to stop and experience, "Kalerm K seriescommercial coffee machine, the experience is very convenient, easy to installand disassemble, 1kg commercial standard bean slot, The 6L commercial standardlarge water tank compatible with automatic water intake, and color displayinterface, this product is very suitable for commercial scenarios." Theuser experience is full of praise.


(Kalerm Commercial automatic coffee machinein Milan Hotel Supplies Exhibition)

In recent years, Kalerm automatic coffeemachine exports to Europe have grown rapidly. The focus of the promotion of theK series of commercial automatic coffee machine, using 1000g bean slot, 6Llarge water tank equipped with automatic water, to ensure that the commercialoccasions continuous cup, reduce the cumbersome operation of adding beans andwater, while the large screen intelligent operation reminder and guidance, sothat the use of the process more simple, improve the customer's actualoperation experience. In addition, the K series has also upgraded the corebrewing system, which can prolong the service life while continuously producinga cup of high-quality coffee, equipped with a newly upgraded patented milk foamsystem, delicate milk foam, high-quality extracted coffee, providing aguarantee for every cup of good coffee drinks, but also create more value forthe business.


(Commercial automatic coffee machine brand- Kalerm)

At the exhibition site, Kali alsointroduced the current and future coffee machine technology development trendto partners, in the next products, Kali will gradually introduce the Internetof Things technology, not only to achieve convenient payment, but also toachieve remote coffee machine control and data monitoring with the Internet ofThings, so as to make the coffee machine more intelligent, expand the coffeemachine application scene. Break the boundaries with affordable coffee machinesand Internet coffee machines, so that more consumers can easily drink a cup ofhigh-quality freshly ground coffee.

It is reported that with stable andconvenient coffee machine products and the focus on automatic coffee machines, Kalermnot only appeared in the Hangzhou G20 Summit venue, but also more and morewell-known hotel groups as the choice of coffee machine products, and for twoconsecutive years to become more automatic coffee machine brands in exportcountries. After 8 years of grinding a sword, with the spirit of focusing onthe automatic coffee machine, Kalerm was also selected as the "China BrandStory". The just concluded Canton Fair (China Import and Export Fair) tothe Milan Exhibition (International Hotel Supplies Exhibition), marking that Kalermbegan to fully promote the domestic and foreign business of commercialautomatic coffee machines, and will continue to promote the reform anddevelopment of China's automatic coffee machines.