Kalerm presents its new commercial fullyautomatic coffee machine at Shanghai International Hotel Sup

2017-03-28 14:35

On March 28, Kalerm commercial automaticcoffee machine appeared in the 2017 Shanghai International Hotel SuppliesExhibition, in this hotel catering industry at home and abroad large-scale,influential and high-level expo one of the annual event, Kalerm as the world'swell-known automatic coffee machine brand has attracted the attention of theindustry.

At the 3-day Shanghai International HotelSupplies Exhibition, Kalerm announced a new fully automatic coffee machine thatis more suitable for business and commercial places. With the user as theexperience center, it realizes the rapid production of coffee, the convenienceof one-click function, the diversification of coffee functions and the highefficiency. Guests from all over the country and the coffee industry gatheredtogether to witness the new commercial automatic coffee machine - K70 and K90.The reporter summarized and sorted out the 8 highlights of the new automaticcoffee machine of Kalerm, and now announced one by one:


K70/K90 Commercial automatic coffee machine

Highlight 1: Two heating systems and twowater pumps, "dual core" faster and more stable

Highlights 2:1 KG soybean tank, more worry

Highlight 3:6L large water tank, more worry

Highlight 4: Integrated waste collectionbase, more worry

Highlight 5: Automatic water intake device,can be directly connected to purify filtered water

Highlight 6: Color Chinese display

Highlight 7: Double coffee and double milkoutlet, double latte with one click

Highlight 8: Make multiple cups of coffeeat once

With the development of science andtechnology and the improvement of people's living standards, people'srequirements for coffee are becoming higher and higher, in different businessand commercial occasions, freshly ground coffee has played a pivotal position.Focusing on the business of freshly ground automatic coffee machine, whichintegrates research and development, production, sales and service, theautomatic coffee machine produced by Kalerm is widely used in tens of thousandsof places such as hotels, convenience stores or offices. In 2016, Kalerm wasalso used at the G20 Summit site as a business reception coffee machine toprovide freshly ground coffee to a large number of international friends.


Not only that, Kalerm has been recognizedby the majority of users in the industry, and is constantly innovating in theresearch and development of coffee machines, has won more than 100 patents, andwon the German Red Dot Award and China Red Star Award, one of the world designawards in 2013.

For the commercial automatic coffee machinemarketed by Kalerm, the function and efficiency of the previous coffee modelshave been greatly improved, and it also brings more commercial and commercialapplication opportunities to the domestic coffee machine. It is believed thatin the near future, Kalerm automatic coffee will spread to more corners of theworld, creating a happy and beautiful experience for consumers.