Kalerm ESG | 2024 Kalerm's Love Walk annual social responsibility event Review

2024-06-06 17:13

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Kalerm's ESG initiatives are always on the road, committedto sustainable development, and willing to do more.

We have been dedicated tocontributing to social responsibility, and Kalerm's Love Walking Action hasbeen going on for five years now.


On Saturday morning, May 25th, at 7:00, more than600 employees and their families gathered at the Huqiu Wetland Park to launchthe public welfare event. On that day, all participants collectively took7,942,447 steps, which were eligible for donation.

Before the start of the public welfare event, Mr.Wang, the CEO of Kalerm, gave an inspiring speech, encouraging everyone to keepa pure heart and to gain health and happiness through walking.


With a loud command, everyone officially embarkedon the journey of public welfare.


During the journey, the company also organizedfrisbee games for everyone, combining them with knowledge about waste sorting,making learning enjoyable and reinforcing environmental protection knowledge.


Employees released stress and enjoyed the pleasureof exercise amidst their busy work. Frisbees drew graceful arcs in the air, andlaughter and cheers filled the atmosphere, forming beautiful scenery.

Colleagues who successfully identified the types ofgarbage also received specially customized small gifts, which were seedplanting cards made of environmentally friendly materials. With a simpleaction, these small cards can be turned into beautiful flowers.


2 hours later, all employees successfully completedthe 12-kilometer hike.

Afterwards, each colleague uploaded their steps withsmiles on their faces, with each step equivalent to one cent, contributing tocharity.Many employees' families actively participated inthis charity walk.

Every family shared the same enthusiasm,contributing their strength to the cause of public welfare!


The Love Walk event of this year has ended, but theLove Action never stops, Kalerm is always on the road! ESG, we are always inaction.

More exciting moments can be found in the following videos: