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Kalerm Commercial fully automatic coffee machine made a stunning appearance at the Milan Internation

2023-11-17 10:52

From October 13 to 17, 2023, the 43rd Milan International Hotel Supplies Exhibition (2023 Host Milano) was held in Italy, which is not only an ideal platform to learn about the latest technology and product innovation in the industry, but also follows the trend of the world's hotel, catering, coffee industry.


(Kalerm appeared at the 43rd Milan International Hotel Supplies Exhibition)

As the leading commercial automatic coffee machine brand in China, Kalerm has been committed to providing consumers with high quality and convenient coffee enjoyment. In this exhibition, Kalerm with commercial EMX series, home series automatic coffee machine debut, showcasing the latest products and technologies of commercial automatic coffee machine, to bring customers around the world a fresh and refreshing experience. At the same time, the high-quality fresh ground coffee taste brought by the company also won praise from the audience, who spoke highly of the innovative technology and excellent quality of the company's commercial coffee machine.


(Kalerm booth crowded)

In addition, Y series commercial automatic coffee machine also made an amazing debut in this exhibition, Galami Y series commercial automatic coffee machine, with a metal texture body, more powerful, more efficient, more stable, fearless of the peak flow of people, providing more possibilities for the business scene.


(Kalerm Y Series automatic coffee machine)

With passion for coffee, love of life and commitment to customers, Kalerm is committed to becoming the most professional coffee equipment and the best coffee products enterprise in China. Kalerm has been continuously investing in research and development technology to enhance the competitiveness of its products. Its self-developed professional brewing system, powder capacity up to 16g, with pressure spring, to ensure stable extraction pressure, nearly 9000 filter holes, produce no residue, to ensure the quality of coffee. Self-developed high-precision grinding system, suitable for coffee beans of different roasting degrees, grinding average diameter up to 350um, grinding efficiency up to 2g/s. The self-developed high-performance milk system can automatically distribute hot milk, hot milk foam, and adjust the milk temperature in real time through temperature detection.

This year's Milan Hotel Supplies Show not only showcases the brand strength and technological innovation of Kalerm, but also opens a new chapter in the cooperation between Kalerm and its customers around the world. The 43rd Milan International Hotel Supplies Fair has come to a successful end, but the journey continues. In the future, Kalerm will continue to be committed to providing customers with better and more innovative commercial automatic coffee machine products and services, expand the international market, and show the excellent strength and unique charm of Chinese brands to the world!